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In 2016, a tourist trip leads Niki and Nathan to meet Augustino and Anthony. Unexpected meeting, we exchange numbers and decide to meet again. It is then that we learn that these young men are Maasai. Very curious we want to know more, they then decide to invite us to their village.

After 2 hours on dirt roads, we arrive in the village for two very intense days. During a discussion, the elders tell us of their desire for a school. The idea was born.

February 2019, the Ndoto association is born. The Oltepes primary school will see the light of day.


The association is directed by its 16 members who lead the projects. The members elect the committee which takes care of the management of the association. These are appointed for one year.

Nathan Köbe


Niki Gusman


Dominique Köbe


Guillaume Mayoraz

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