Massaï Primary School of Oltepes


The primary school will open in January 2021 and plans to have a capactiy of 245 students by 2022.


About the Project

Oltepes is a massaï village in the Arusha region, Tanzania. Rural and without a school in the village, too many kids do not have access to school. We work with our local partner, NDOTO NA MWANGA ELIMU to open a primary school in January 2021.

As soon as it will open, the school will welcome 35 students. Each years, as the project grows, it will get more student until it reaches 245 students per year.

Our Local Action

The project has been co-constructed with our local partner NDOTO NA MWANGA ELIMU. From this horizontal work relation, we give everything to work along the following directions.


On of the first tasks, obviously is to build the infrastructure to welcome the school.


Training the members of the local NGO is crucial in order to generate long term success of the project and ensure good practices for the management of the school.


In order to offer high-quality education, we recruit government-certified teachers. The rest of the staff is hired in the village to create jobs.

Local Partnership

In order to make the project sustainable, we build on local partnership to create sustainable revenue sources in-country.

Where is the Project?

The village of Oltepes is located in the Arusha region in Tanzania. Between Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru, it is ideally located to provide good development opportunities.